Spray tanning 

Body and Soul Spa retreat offers a variety of tans to transform your skin. In just 1 hour these tans will begin transforming your skin, leaving it looking its best.

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Moroccan Tan

 Look like you've just stepped off the beach in Positano or flew in from a Mediterranean holiday escape. Moroccan gives a rich, warm skin finish. A mix of violet and dark brown bronzers counteracts yellow and orange undertones in your skin to deliver a natural looking rich, warm tan.

Perfect Bridal Tan

Walk down the aisle on your special day, with the specifically formulated, intensely moisturizing, pH balancing, medium level bronzing spray tan.

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tanning 2.jpg

X20 tan

Our X20 Quad Bronzing melanin activating intensifiers with a blend of black, brown, violet and red bronzer. This tan is perfect is your looking for a darker tan to boost the colours of your skin.