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Body & Soul Spa Retreat Ear Piercing & Body Piercing Treatment Menu

Body Piercing

Every body is unique, which is why every body piercing is unique. At Body & Soul Spa Retreat we offer both needle and cartridge piercing techniques. 

The cartridge technique is designed for ear lobes only where we use a single-cartridge ear piercing gun and is the perfect option for children and those that don't like needles. It is hygenic, fast and efficient and allows our piercing professional to complete ear piercing in just a few seconds.

The needle technique is used for all other body piercings and allows our piercing profession to get an excellent fit for jewellery. Body & Soul Spa Retreat uses sterilized, single-use needles to ensure cleanliness.

Ear Piercing

One Ear $29

Two Ears $50

Under 9 Years $55

Body Piercing

Eyebrow $50

Helix $50

Lip $50

Navel $50

Nipple $50

Nose $50

Tongue $95

Tragus $50

Body Jewellery Change $15

Please note: Body jewellery is in addition to the prices listed, excluding tongue piercing where two Surgical Stainless Steel barbells are included in the price.

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