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Body Rituals

Aromatherapy Body Polish

75 minutes | $195

Sweep away all signs of dryness and rough skin, with a massage mix of mineral sea salts and warmed elemental aromatherapy oil.


A lavish saturation of creamy body milk full of healing wildflower essences, Thyme, Hawthorne and Aloe nourishes and hydrates your body. Instantly refines skin texture, leaving your body silky smooth, glowing and re-energised.

Marble Bath Treatment

75 minutes | $199

Unwind from the tips of your toes to the top of your head whilst enjoying a full body relaxation body and scalp massage and glowing eye treatment before sinking in to our hand carved marble bath filled with your preferred oil blend.

Detoxing Body Wrap

75 minutes | $200

A detoxing clay blended with aromatherapy oils is applied to your body with specialised techniques to assist in the removal of toxins, helps alleviate cellulite and promotes an improved immune system.


Whilst you are cocooned we relieve tension from the scalp with a relaxing massage.


Once you've washed away the clay, the experienced is completed with a full body moisturise with detoxifying essential oils.

Balancing Body Wrap

75 minutes | $200

A body extravagance that starts with the therapeutic aromatic sea salts and elemental aromatherapy oils to cleanse the skin of impurities.


You are then cocooned in lush clays to eliminate toxins, tone your skin and remineralise your whole body while your senses are indulged in a heavenly scalp massage.


Once you have washed away the clay, your skin is further nourished with body essence massaged into the skin

Indian Extravagence

50 minutes | $140

A treatment based on Ayurvedic techniques focusing on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face finishing with an indulgent massage of the reflex points on the feet helps to reduce stress, fatigue, increase mental clarity and aid hair health and condition.

Ear Candling & Massage

50 minutes | $150

Enjoy a back massage followed with a relaxing ear candling treatment 

Intuitive Healing Energy Work

25 minutes | $80

50 minutes | $145

Intuitive Healing Energy Work helps to unblock and realign all the meridians within the body, giving you a feeling of well-being and connection which allows for a Radical Shift in Consciousness.

You may experience new expanded perception, a more objective understanding and outlook on life.

After the treatment you may experience the following:
Increase your personal capacity for positive change

  • Empowers you to take charge of your life

  • Generates new and expanded perspectives

  • Attain a new lightness and sense of well-being that increases over time

  • Remove blocks, enabling clearer guidance

  • Increased intuition

  • Realign the body meridians

  • Connect the 12 strands of DNA

  • Activate the connected 12 strands of DNA

  • Calming of emotions

  • Greater feeling of Inner peace and clarity of mind

  • Increase inner strength and confidence

  • Overcome fear, self doubt, anxiety and depression

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